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Solar power generating system provide free power from the sun by converting sunlight to electricity with no moving parts, zero emissions, and with no maintenance.
This is an all year round noiseless un-interruptible power source, with no problem of surges of high voltages. Energy from the sun is the most reliable and safest energy source to highly sensitive equipment.
Despite Nigeria’s natural endowment with abundant Sunshine throughout the year by virtue of her location in the tropics, this alternative free and clean energy source have remain un-harnessed and under-utilized, even with the perennial problem and the epileptic performance of power supply from the traditional source (Power Holding Company of Nigeria PHCN).

Advantages of solar power include the following;

  • Unlike diesel or petrol generator, it provides free power on daily basis without polluting the environment and with no stress or hazard associated with fuel.
  • Once installed, the energy source will continue to provide stable and free electrical power for several decades with zero monthly bills, zero cost of fuel and zero maintenance cost.
  • You can start using solar power at your desired minimum level based on available fund and upgrade it as you wish. It is a source of power that is scalable – i.e. its capacity can be upgraded gradually with addition of some components – and can also be a hybrid with power from other sources.

In view of the present high cost of diesel or petrol, which can also be jacked up or become scarce anytime, couple with the associated high cost of maintenance of generator, it is very obvious that the amount invested on solar energy is far more cheaper on the long run than the cost of running a generator. These cost benefit is shown in a sample analysis of expenses on Generator compared to investment on solar power contained in the attachment.
From the above mentioned facts, couple with several inconveniences and risk associated with handling of petrol; it is obvious that solar power is not only safer, it is also more efficient, convenient and cost effective.
Sir, in the light of the several advantages in solar energy as an alternative power source, we wish to request your institution to explore this energy option for your vital energy need. There is no limit to the amount of power that can be generated from solar source. The installation can be centralized or localized to meet your need for remote uses.


Biogas energy is a renewable and sustainable source of energy produced through the anaerobic digestion of organic materials, such as agricultural waste, food scraps, manure, and sewage. This process breaks down organic matter by bacteria in an oxygen-deprived environment, resulting in the release of methane-rich gas, known as biogas.


Here are some key points about biogas energy:


  1. Renewable and Sustainable: Biogas is considered a renewable energy source because the feedstock used in its production, organic matter, is constantly replenished through natural processes.
  2. Methane-Rich: Biogas primarily consists of methane (CH4), which is a potent greenhouse gas when released into the atmosphere. Capturing and utilizing biogas helps reduce methane emissions, mitigating its impact on climate change.
  3. Versatile Energy Source: Biogas can be used for various energy purposes, including electricity generation, heating, and cooking. It can replace conventional fossil fuels like natural gas, reducing carbon emissions.
  4. Environmental Benefits: The production of biogas helps in waste management by converting organic waste into energy and reducing the need for landfill disposal. It also reduces odors and pathogens in waste materials.
  5. Rural Development: Biogas systems can provide a valuable source of energy for rural communities, particularly in areas with limited access to the grid. They offer energy independence and economic opportunities for farmers.
  6. Biomethane: Purified biogas, known as biomethane, can be injected into natural gas pipelines or used as a vehicle fuel. This makes it a versatile and transportable energy source.
  7. Potential Drawbacks: Biogas production can be influenced by factors such as feedstock availability, temperature, and system maintenance. Additionally, the process requires careful management to prevent issues like gas leaks and odor problems.
  8. Role in Circular Economy: Biogas production is an integral part of the circular economy, as it promotes the reuse of organic waste materials and contributes to a more sustainable approach to resource management.


In conclusion, biogas energy is an environmentally friendly and versatile source of renewable energy that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promotes waste management, and supports sustainable rural development. Its potential to replace conventional fossil fuels makes it a valuable component of efforts to combat climate change and transition to a more sustainable energy future.


Installation of several capacities of Bio-digesters for converting Organic Waste to usable resource of Bio-Energy for several uses which include cooking, heating, fueling of automobiles and generating electricity.

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